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   JETCO 토크렌치 > TTS-2000 Electronic Torque Testers
이전상품 TTS-2000 Electronic Torque Testers 다음상품
상품 상세 설명

Electronic Torque Testers



  • Extrememly powerfull torque meter
  • Perfect for calibration labs or production
  • 10,000 samples per second sampling rate
  • .25% I.V. Accuracy
  • Memory for up to 1300 readings
  • Time Stamp
  • Interchangeable Transducers
  • Programmable filters for power tools
  • 5 engineering units
  • 10 point calibration curve
  • Auto Clear function
  • Test pulse power tools
  • Test impact power tools
  • Analog (DAC) output for controllers
  • USB output for PC communication
  • Articulating stand
  • 1-4 mv/v transducer input
  • Two way communication with PC
  • Large serial communication command set
  • Rechargeable Batteries (via USB port)
  • 1300 Value Memory

The all new TTS-2000 is a hand held/bench mount torque tester with the performance and features of any high end torque testing system. This system is modular meaning that you can expand your torque range needs as your needs change. No need to buy a new electronic tester for every torque range. The meter will automatically detect the range of the transducer attached and set all calibration data automatically (smart transducers). This is the last torque tester you will ever need since it has all the necessary features and modes and will adapt to any torque transducer


The TTS-2000 kit includes:
TTS-2000 torque meter with stand
USB serial printer/computer adapter cable an connector
110 volt power adapter
Rechargeable 9 volt battery
Operation manual

N.I.ST. Traceable Cert.





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